Join a Focus Group! Get Paid for your Opinions! It’s a fun experience! is the website for research participants at Connecticut Connection – Hartford Research

Focus Groups


A focus group is an invited group composed of people like you. They are
selected and invited by us to come to our research center to share their opinions about different products and services they use.

Every participant receives money from us as a “Thank You” for sharing his or her opinions.  It’s marketing research – nothing is sold at our sessions. 

We continually hold these research sessions. Some sessions discuss food products, some discuss computers or telephone service, or the insurance or medical service they receive. Our market research studies vary with every product or service you can imagine. This is your chance to let the companies that make these products and services know how you really feel!

How You Get Invited

The confidential profile sheet you fill out on this website helps us select and telephone you for just the right future research project.

We send occasional project alert emails.  The emails are from Hartford Research with address focusgroup[at]  Also, we post some projects on  Please alert us if you believe you qualify for a project.

Before you are invited to a session, one of our staff telephones you to check if you are appropriate for a particular focus group. When you come to a group be sure
to bring your driver’s license or photo ID to identify yourself. Only you will be invited to a particular session. You will not be able to bring a friend to attend your session.

If you know of others who may like to also attend a focus group, please have them signup on this website,


How can I be invited to participate?

Signup here! We call you if we believe you qualify for a project. We also send occasional project alert emails. We also post projects on Facebook.

Where are focus groups held?

The Focus Groups are conducted in our Farmington facility. Sometimes they are held at a Connecticut hotel or other convenient location in Connecticut.

How many people are in each focus group?

Usually about 10 to 12 people are ideal for a focus group. Sometimes we hold smaller groups of three to four participants or even a single interview for some special research projects.

Why conduct focus groups?

Focus groups are an excellent way for our clients to discover consumer attitudes towards their products or services.

During the focus group, a moderator may show the participants new products, advertising ideas, promotional concepts or new packaging. This yields for our clients first-hand, spontaneous reactions to these new products, ideas, concepts or packaging. Your comments during the group greatly help them in their design and planning of new products and services.

Why do people participate in customer focus groups?

Many people attend focus groups because they like to give their opinions about the product or service being discussed. They find it interesting meeting and chatting with other people about subjects of common interest, say talking about the food they feed their pet or what they order at restaurants or about a thousand other types of products and services they use in their daily life.

Also, it’s fun and you receive a nice cooperation fee for attending!!